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Mr. Syed Fazal Kazmi

Fazal Kazmi is a dynamic and accomplished managing director with over 8 years of experience leading high-performing teams and driving business success. He has consistently delivered innovative strategies that have impelled developers' growth and encouraged a culture of excellence. His strong track record of optimising operations, strengthening collaboration, and driving transformative initiatives has built his good reputation as a results-driven manager in the commercial and residential projects. With a keen eye for market trends and a passion for cultivating talent, fazal Kazmi is strongly committed to navigating the Laal developers towards continued success and sustainability in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Mr. Syed Fakhar Kazmi

As the Sales and Marketing Director, Syed Fakhar Kazmi is dedicated to driving unparalleled growth and creating long-lasting customer and investor relationships through his delicate strategic planning, cutting-edge campaigns, and passion for excellence. With a proven track record of delivering the best results in real estate and an unbeatable commitment to exceeding expectations, he is passionate about leading Laal Developers towards new heights of success in today's competitive market through network marketing strategies. His success-recording projects included Patriata resorts,luxury living huts, and Whispering Nature Villas. By stimulating his efforts to gain more and more, he is enthusiastic to drag the Laal Developers towards countless grounds of success.

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